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Home of the Best Alterative Female Models in the UK

Alternative models have greater freedom to experiment and be creative with their appearances.


Depending on the brand, physical changes including tattoos, piercings, and oddball fashion choices are all acceptable and even encouraged.


For companies that represent subcultures like fetish, burlesque, punk, emo, steampunk, and emo, alternative models are necessary.


There is a demand for alternative models worldwide because the alternative appearance is growing so brands need models that customer can relate to.


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Famous Alternative Models

Dita Von Teese – Adora Batbrat    Tess Holliday – Melanie Gaydos    Grace Neutral – Iska Ithil    Malice McMunn – Dany Divine

Alternative models are not subject to any particular standards. In contrast to high fashion, which requires models to be a specific height and form, alternative modelling accepts models of various body types.

Girl with a Shoulder Tattoo

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