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Alt Culture

Indie Guides

Indie Guides is a series of city guides that focuses on highlighting the city's cultural, creative, and alternative scene. This is the type of guide that we have always searched for but have never found. A selection of iconic places that are overflowing with creativity, places that were launched by passionate people and are on the margins of the mainstream, places with "oomph" that shape the true identity of a city, such as squats, small live music venues, undisclosed tiny restaurants, and artists' workshops-cum-boutiques, which you won't find in your standard guides.

No, the typical areas frequented by tourists are not always covered; however, there are certain spots that are located outside the boundaries of the maps that may be found in tourist offices. However, if you take our advice and do what we suggest, there is a considerable chance that you may interact with people and participate in activities that will make a significant impact on your vacation.


Over the course of more than 40 years, Kerrang! has been at the vanguard of alternative music. Initially, the publication was known as the best-selling weekly rock magazine; today, it is a global music platform that reaches 45 million people on a monthly basis. Be it Rock, metal, hardcore, punk, emo, grunge, thrash, and everything in between, Kerrang covers all of it.


 Inked Magazine

Pop culture and tattoo culture converge in a publication called Inked Mag.

Compared to other media brands in the US, they have the most interactions with the millennial demographic on the web, in print, and on mobile devices. This implies that the majority of their social media outlets continue to be fairly active.


Inked Mag frequently posts new content on their YouTube channel if you'd rather to watch videos for inspiration. Or they offer a tonne of Instagram and Pinterest content to browse through if you just want to quickly look over some unique ideas.


Ink Mag is an excellent location to look for ideas for artists looking for edgy looks that appeal to a younger adult audience.


Both the cool and the quirky are available. There are tattoo designs you wouldn't expect, like poultry, in addition to popular designs inspired by comic books or movies. Yes, it is correct.


A pretty well-known programme called InkHunter aids in the visualisation of tattoos. It's a big technological accomplishment since it projects tattoo images onto the body via augmented reality.

The "Think Before You Ink" app encourages users to consider their tattoos before permanently inking them.


Using this app with your clients could help you gain more favour with them as a tattoo artist. Customers are more likely to proceed with the final purchase if they feel more confident trying out various styles and colours.


Users can choose a design from the app's gallery or submit their own. Another feature shows the tattoo from several perspectives.


Another option for customization is the photo editor, which enables users to change a selected design to fit their preferred aesthetic.

Tattoo Life

Serious tattoo artists should have access to a platform where they may obtain expert counsel and discover market trends. At addition to honing your craft in the store, you can learn new things by reading Tattoo Life.

You can discover more about the history of tattoo ink or even the new natural aftercare products in the market.


Tattoo Life features artistically made tattoos in its gallery part of art. This website might be for you if you enjoy layered black and grey designs.


Tattoo Life also offers free art plates that may be downloaded for artists that need some practical inspiration. Every week, they add three new trends to keep artists motivated, particularly in light of the COVID-19 dilemma.

Alt Fashion

Attitude Clothing Co.


Established in 1996, Attitude Clothing Co. is the UK's original online retailer of men's and women's alternative clothing, footwear, jewellery & accessories. Fuelled by a love of metal, punk and heavy rock, we've been at the front line of alternative fashion for over 20 years, bringing you the hottest designs in streetwear, goth, punk, grunge & rockabilly and everything in between!

Jawbreaker Clothing

Based in East London with our hearts still in old Camden Town, Jawbreaker is your new haunt for alternative fashion. All alt-styles are covered from Victorian Gothic to Punk to Nu-Rave. Here you can take your alt-look to the next level.

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood popularised punk style, demonstrated the beauty of tattoos as a fashion statement, and established some of the timeless trends that punks throughout the world continue to wear today. She created clothing that was deconstructed, raw, and complex, just like punk music.


Portsmouth Tattoo Fest


April 1st & 2nd 2023!

This 2 day event will feature live tattooing from 90+ World Class Artists!

Live music & Burlesque will also be taking place over the weekend!

Tattoo Competitions will take place featuring Rival Ink where artists compete at a selected theme of tattoo and have 7 hours to complete the challenge.

Trade Stands and vendors will also be in attendance at Portsmouth Tattoo Fest.

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